Mother Never Told Me

My dearly departed mother and I were very close and I loved her deeply.  She lived with me for the last 2 years of her life, I even held her in my arms as she passed away.  Our relationship was real, it was deep, it was beautiful and it was honest.  Despite all of this,  not once did she ever talk to me about menopause..

Now perhaps she didn’t go through it.   After reading every article and interview that I have been able to lay my eyes on, I realise that menopause means different things to different women.  Some go through their whole hardly affected by it at all while others are completely devastated by it, and then of course there are all of the stages in between…

I can only hope that my Mom was one of the lucky ones.   I can’t imagine that she would have kept the knowledge of something as big as this away from me had she had it to give.  Talking to my friends and peers, more often than not, they too say that their mothers have never spoken to them about menopause.  This makes me think that   historically women, for whatever reason just don’t talk about it. Well ENOUGH!  I say.

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