For Your Eyes Only

So after weeks of very little sleep, MenoMe started to resemble a very pissed off zombie. Everything irritated me!  But thankfully, most of the time I was just far too exhausted to care.

Now, if lack of sleep was the only thing I was dealing with, who knows, I might have found a way to deal with it?  But no!  MenoMe was one of the “lucky ones” who had to deal with a whole gamut of symptoms.  Where should I begin? The choices, the choices!

Never mind the saying “Out of Sight, Out of Mind!”  MenoMe was both out of sight and out of mind!

I found that suddenly, I was having to stretch my arm further and further away from my face to read and compose text messages, that’s not all.  Once I got the distance just right, I would then have to blink my eyes a few times as the letters casually took their time to stop swimming about and arrange themselves into coherent words.  Dealing with a cell phone was at least manageable.  Trying to read labels and instructions on food packages and beauty products was almost impossible.

I kept hearing myself saying “There’s not enough light here!”, when I was trying to read any print or label at home while I would stumble to the nearest window and hold it up into a stream of glaring sunlight, hoping that it would somehow enhance the text.  Don’t even get me started on threading needles or doing any kind painting or artwork…

My eyes began to blur and burn and itch and prickle.  I had to give in and go to the optician.  I held it off for as long as I could, but I now wear glasses when I have to do anything that qualifies as reading .

I would then find myself peering over the top of my glasses to have a conversation with my daughter/husband/dog or cat that might have wandered into the room while I was working.  While doing so, for all intents and purposes,  my External Self  would have a rational conversation. I was fine as I prattled on,  but all the while my Internal Self would be asking: “Do I look fierce like this, looking over the top of my glasses?  If I do, is it a good kind of Beyonce Fierce?  Or is it the bad kind of getting caught out by the school principal kind of fierce?”  Ah, the vanity!  Naturally, I would want it to be the Beyonce kind of Fierce, but I fear that the reality is now closer to the school principal…. well at least closer to that than it ever was before MenoMe decided to show up!

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