“They Call Me Mellow Yellow”

As I promised I would:  “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, MenoMe is proud to introduce, the second of the persistent, annoying, life changing Meno-dwarfs  …drum roll please…. Acne!”

“So, you think you’re too old for breakouts?  Think again!”

To my absolute horror, I woke up one morning to discover that my skin had broken out! “What is this?” I yelled as I looked into my x 3 magnifying bathroom mirror!!!  Acne, the bane of our teenage years is also highly likely to crop up again during menopause.  Studies show that women in menopause are most likely to spot acne blemishes near their chin, jaw and mouth, but wait there’s more! Pimples can also appear on the chest and back.  Okay, so in the grand scheme of things, I was “lucky enough ” to only have chin acne, but for goodness sake, Why acne of all things?” I yelled out loud, scaring a little sparrow that had innocently decided to sit on my bathroom windowsill.

Okay ladies, close your eyes and go to a happy place as you imagine that you are listening to the gentle sounds of a pan flute, little birds twittering and a gentle stream gurgling its way through a country meadow dotted with beautiful wild flowers and majestic weeping willow trees…. and cue the generic infomercial about Menopause…

“Menopause is part of the natural ageing process It marks a new time in your life, which brings changes to your body. Everyone has a different experience with menopause, and it can take time to adapt. A key thing to know, however, is there has never been a better time to access menopause research, information, and help.”

“Shoot me now!”  Honestly, I know that this information is out there to get us through this “special” time in our lives, but clearly, no one consulted with a woman who was actually going through menopause before writing this stuff.. It all seems so contrived and condescending!

So here’s the truth, some of us will get acne, some won’t.  For some it will be really bad and for others hardly noticeable.  It may last for a few days, a few weeks, a few months and for some even a few years.. And that, dear ladies is not only true of Acne, but of the menopause experience as a whole…

The best advice I can give you is to use a mild but good cleanser, a brand of pimple cream that agrees with you and, as far as I’m concerned, the best tip of all, exfoliate!  I have to admit that at one time I was so desperate that the electric sander in the garage started to look very appealing…

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